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Recreational Kayaking

During your stay, rent a kayak and tour Trout River Pond. Experience the other side of the Tablelands. When your exploration of the inland fjord is complete, travel the rippling Trout River, which joins Trout River Pond to the ocean. By kayaking in and around Trout River Harbor you can experience the beautiful, but rugged, Newfoundland coastline by sea, even see Green Gardens. Trout River offer miles of beautiful waterways worth exploring by kayak.

Single kayaks for $50 per.

Tandem kayaks for $75 per day.

There are many ways to explore and experience while kayaking in Trout River. 

  • Take the day and kayak the to the end of Trout River Big Pond, stop at The Narrows for a snack and quick swim. 
  • Spend the day exploring the many beaches that line the shore of Trout River Little Pond.
  • Take a quick paddle around Trout River Little Pond before travelling the Trout River to the coast to spend the remainder of the day exploring the sea caves and beaches in Trout River Harbor.
  • Love to sea kayak? Adventure out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence add travel to Green Gardens by kayak! Or just experience the many secluded beaches along the shoreline. 
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